Chara Spotlight: Haruka no Himitsu

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is not a typical shoujo roamnce anime with the same plot. It’s a twist of romance, comedy and slight echhiness of an otaku ojousama. Haruka, a cute, talented, and supposed to be the perfect ojousama of a typical school. Until one day, Yuuto the boy protagonist found her at the library carrying an anime shoujo magazine. Haruka’s secret has been found out! She’s actually an otaku. Would Yuuto keep her secret?

Chara spotlight of the day! I had least expectations of the anime, until I have seen the first episode. The simplicity bundled in a unique story made me watch this series. It’s funny how a perfect school princess would be so addicted to anime. From references of previous shoujo mangas I have read, there are racism of anime fans in Japan. They call those people Akiba or something related to Akiba. This girl however, combined with her cute personality made me moe over the whole thing. She’s not a tsundere, she’s more of a shy type of  person. Only few animes I’ve watched  have totally  grasped that kind of attitude.

Character Design 4.5/5

nogizaka NHNH has an exquisite character design. Especially the protagonists faces, though sometimes their faces can be unbelievable, especially Yuuto’s no-glasses look. The anime executed the female character designs with 100% moe factor. Especially Haruka and her Mom. Extra people didn’t gave a good impression on the design, more like the style used in xxxholic where background people turn white.


Special Shots

Yuuto {Megane v.s. No Glasses look}

yuuto2 yuuto

Haruka’s Mom


“Her beautiful looks hides a dark atmosphere”


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