Hosaka’s Antics


Watching the three seasons of Minami-ke, there is one guy who is stirring up my thoughts lately. His appearances are epic all right. Of course he is the reason why I am posting it right now. ;D

The Hosaka syndrome


  • Delusions of Minami Haruka
  • The Romantic illusion. Tearjerker included w/ matching music background
  • The repeating Laugh
  • The opening of buttons and sweating

3240 He craves for perfection. Well he is quite the perfect guy for girls. Only when he’s quiet! Whenever he thinks of Minami Haruka, the series of delusions follows. Hosaka always fail in his plans to let Haruka notice his feelings. A twisted character he may be, he is still a gentle person who just wanted to be closer the the one he admired. His laugh always starts when his appearance ends. He is quite dense with other girls, even the best friends of Haruka admired him  (only when he’s quite). He won’t even mind other people! In a certain episode, he never knew he helped Chiaki (Haruka’s sister) while shopping.


After having his Haruka dreams, Hosaka always strip his shirt. What a total wierdo! ROFL!

Probably the most weirdest anime character I have remembered thus far. 😀 Anyone can give me another weirdo?


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