Haruka’s Pick:Best of 2008 Anime’s


While everyone is busy making their schedules for their 2009 list, making a trackback at 2008 would be awesome! Here are my personal picks from the animes I have watched last year.

1.) Best Romance Anime


Definitely, it’s not about a weak girl falling in love with a handsome shounen. In fact it’s quite the opposite! A good progression on both the story and the character feelings. Love squares and unexpected couples,over-all this is a good romance anime to watch!

2.)Best Drama Anime

Clannad After Story

I wonder why I spent so many boxes of tissues while watching this anime ^_^; I feel a bit superior though since I already know the ending of the story because it was based on the original game. Nonetheless the anime really portrayed the series perfectly. Hope it won’t end just like in the game tough. *sheds manly tears*



3.)Best in Animation

Xam’d Lost Memories

Bones had done it again. Not only did i fell in love with the unique atmosphere of the whole series but also the spectacular action animation. Detailed from characters to scenes. Fresh animation for the year.

Oniichan: I really loved this one!

Haruka: Well you do love eureka seven, guess you also love this kind of anime too

Oniichan: Definitely a must seen anime!


4.)Best OP/Ed

Many animes have already taken the spot for best op/ed. Since I really can’t decide which is which.I sorted it in a random order instead. ^^;

a.) Toradora OP1 : "Pre-Parade (プレパレード)"

OP2: "silky heart"

ED1:”Vanilla Salt”

Ed2: “Orange”

b.)Xam’d OP1 and Ed1

c.)Kannagi OP1

d.)Clannad After Story OP1

5.)Best OVA

Lucky Star OVA

No doubt Lucky Star tops on my OVA for 2008. I’m a sucker for Hatsune Miku. Also the parodies and cosplay scenes were totally epic! F/SN *woot!*


6.)Best in “Unique Storyline”

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens

Who would ever thought that a tree can hold a guardian so pretty. The originality of the story makes the series so good. It’s very interesting how an art student caught up in the mystery of the Goddess he have seen when he was  kid.

7.)Best WTF anime

The story progresses slowly yet every episode makes you even want to watch it more I don’t want to spoil everyone on the details. Gore, twists and even the weird scene on episode can really make you say “WTF is really going on?!”

Haruka: It was like this.. and he saw that..and then it went red and *faints*

Oniichan: Crap! Oh no! He’s gonna die! I mean…urgh…*stiffs*


8.)Best Comedy

Skip Beat

A hardworking girl named Kyoko worked hard to become an actress. The very reason, “TO GET REVENGE”. Dark hazy personality, problem after problem, and of course a crazy acting company. Welcome to the comedic world of Skip Beat!


It took me hours to make this post. *sigh* Work here is done 🙂


6 thoughts on “Haruka’s Pick:Best of 2008 Anime’s

  1. Oniichan: I really loved this one!

    Haruka: Well you do love eureka seven, guess you also love this kind of anime too

    Oniichan: Definitely a must seen anime!

    53RG10: Erueka SeveN!? I’m sold!

    (I wonder why I didn’t jump on Xam’d earlier on… >_>)

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