Toradora Episode 22

Toradora! - 22 - Large 01

“I  can’t stop falling in love with Ryuuji”. An unconscious confession was told by Taiga to Ryuuji. Ryuuji not knowing how to react ends up screaming her name in class after the flashback of his dreams. It seems that Taiga was injured after falling off the pit when she tried to get the hairclip of Minorin. Her head was bleeding, while Ryuuji was trying to carry her. The whole class knew that Ryuuji was stressed and uneasy that Taiga was not in class, so his friends made the issue a taboo. They decided to cheer him up by inviting him somewhere else.

Toradora! - 22 - Large 18

Meanwhile Ami and Minori still needs some reconciliation. The fact that Ami got involved with Ryuuji was obvious, she really did love the guy. Remember the time when Ryuuji and Ami had a talk alone in the P.E gym?

As the story progresses, I do think that Minorin had feelings with Ryuuji especially the way she blushed when she tugged Ryuuji’s uniform on the previous episode. She probably knows that Taiga also love the guy and she don’t want to hurt her best friend. Toradora! - 22 - Large 20

On episode 21, when Ami asked  Minori which one between Ryuuji and Kitamura did Taiga liked the most. She only responded that it’s up to Taiga to decide. Minori being Taiga’s bestfriend, it’s obvious that she knows best that Taiga likes Kitamura but that changed. And she noticed it more and more as she seen the Ryuuji and Taiga together.


Toradora! - 22 - Large 28 Back at home, Ryuuji still wanted to sort things up in his dense mind. He was thinking of Taiga all day. The doorbell rang which caught him a surprise. Taiga was back~ His reaction was so off-beat that Taiga decided to slap his face to make him calm down on his enthusiasm. She pulled down his ear and made his face closer to hers. Both of the blushed. Ahh..sweet youth~

It was a lie that her condition was worse, in fact the injury was only a small patch on her head. Taiga just wanted to spend time to her mom. After the commotion, Taiga went inside Ryuuji’s house, he was definitely missing her that he even thought that his house is different when Taiga is around. Am I sensing RT pairing in here?

Taiga’s appearance to Ryuuji’s house was short, she climbed to the usual balcony to get inside her apartment. Will Ryuuji finally confirm his feelings? Or was it just a fleeting moment? Can’t wait for the next episode! ^_^


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