Hidamari Sketch x365 episodes 1-2

Sae has a potential moe x trap factor XD

Sae has a potential moe x trap factor 😄

Hidamari sketch x365 is a slice of life type of anime. A noteworthy description of the series is the animation. It closely resembles the style used in Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei. I’m still looking forward for episodes. Still a good anime to watch for those who are looking for calm and realistic type of anime.


After passing her entrance exam, Yuno enrols at Yamabuki High School as part of an art degree. She stays at the Hidamari Apartments along with best friend Miyako, and seniors Hiro and Sae. Each episode follows a day in her life as she mingles with her friends, close peers, overly hyper teachers and closely follows the mundane lives of the high school girls. (Note: This season also takes place in Yuno’s first year at high school, and overlaps with season one of the show)
(Source: ANN)


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