Kurokami Episodes 1-5



Kurokami. The story is about an ordinary boy named Keita, who have encountered may tragic experiences in his life. First his moms tragic car accident, then his classmates death, then finally his next door neighbor who died in a car accident right in front of him. The one true cause would be the sightings of doppelgangers.

The doppeliner system became clear, when Kuro appeared in Keita’s life so suddenly. After a certain fight, Keita was going to lose his life due to the fatal injury in his heart, in order to save him Kuro healed him but in exchange the duo should be inseparable because a contract has been made. If the two would separate, Kuros powers wont be activated.


At  first, I really do find it weird that the main hero keeps on denying Kuro even if Kuro is trying her best to be gentle. The interesting part is, that the character emotions are pretty deep. Unlike animes I have encountered, the trauma of Keita reflects on his personality. And that’s the bright side of the character development, not one of those characters who will just smile at what comes next or even accept the fate as it is.The development of the story however is at at medium pace, sometimes it can be slow or just something interesting will pop up. The gore scenes reminds me of Higurashi but only better.And that’s how this series can leave you watching for more. I hope it doesn’t disappoint though. 🙂


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