Seto no Hanayome OVA 1

seto no hanayome first half

I was not interested on this anime at first impression, because I thought its very typical and shounen-ish but then my mind changed because of a certain blogger so I gave this OVAa try. The results were unexpected alright,  Seto no Hanayome OVA really made me laugh so hard. 😀

Unlike most OVAs which includes explicit echiness, Seto No Hanayome had none. It was comical all throughout the beginning till the end. The OVA was divided into two parts.


The first part was about Nagasumi strugling to get out of the delinquent section that Seto’s dad had prepared for his first day. After the transfer, another problem came in when Luna’s dad enrolled at school happy to find out that Nagasumi was gone. Luna and Seto’s dad fought inside the classroom and the whole class was evacuated.The craziness continues and in the end Nagasumi was caught in between the fight of Seto and Luna’s dad when he accidentally slipped on the food on the floor. Poor Guy XD


In the second half, Seto and Nagasumi had their first date (according to him). Seto’s manliness was revealed when he wanted to watch an action movie rather than a romantic one.They met a girl named Satori which Nagasumi never had a good relationship with. When the movie was over an accident happened and the people were evacuated. An oil tank has hit on the building and Satori was stucked on the 7th floor. Nagasumi rushed in, only to find out that the reason why she stayed behind was because of the elevator not opening up. (Seriously…what the heck). Seto told Nagasumi that she was worried in the end, hah!.:)


2 thoughts on “Seto no Hanayome OVA 1

  1. That OVA was absolutely horrible in my opinion. The series was way better and more funny. Tough that part with that little girl in the cinema was a bit funny, it’s still really bad~ the second OVA is even more horrible.

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