Nousatsu Rock Shounen Chapter 1


Nousatsu Rock Shounen was suppose to be a oneshot manga but turned into a 2 volume manga by Kikuchi Kamaro. I still remember that this way my first manga ever read online. Ahh, it made me cry alright. XD~ *is a sucker at shoujo drama manga*


Mirai, was a typical ordinary student She loves to go to the concerts of her favorite band and has two friends until.. She saved a Nobitani (a nerd) who was bullied by girls. Her ordinary days werent that great anymore, she became the target for bullies and she was even left alone with no friends at all. Except Nobitani.



Nobitani’s true image was exposed when 2 bullies stole the ticket that Nobitani gave to Mirai for the upcomming concert. He was actually the lead singer of Mirai’s favorite Band, East Robo. Nobitani confessed his feelings to Mirai in the gym stage and it was happily ever after in chapter 1 ;D .


Kikuchi’s art is more detailed on male looks rather than females. Also, the story is a basic shoujo type of storyline which includes a cute bishie, a cute female protagonist, the fame, and the lurve~.  This can be a great starting point for those fans who really wanted to get the feel of a basic romance shoujo manga.


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