Skip Beat Episode 22

Is this a new way of bullying me?

Is this a new way of bullying me?

Kyoko was questioned by Hiroko, whether she really did understood her role as Mio. Ren however persuaded the woman to give her enough time to think. Kyoko was pressured by what Ren had said and for that she didnt even notice the manager’s words about Ren’s feelings for Kyoko. That was a close call.

Mios character is...

Mio's character is...

She ran off the scene to confrim what “Mio’s character” was all about. When she came back, she was a different person. Ren knew she was Mio herself, but Hiroko was not convinced. Yet after questioning Kyoko in her new attitude, she was shocked and thought that her acting made sense in the whole story. The director was not convined at first too, yet after the whole thing, he accepted the new character that Kyoko made. Ren was glad to hear about it.

Kyoko is a smart girl. In the previous episode she got a 100 on her entrance exam, and that probably made sense why she understood better than anyone what the story was all about. Her new personality was definitely A+.Her acting skills have improved throughout the series. Probably Kyoko did have natural acting skills from the start. She can even beat Ren if this continues.I was really curious if Ren knew about the whole story just like Kyoko. The way he reacts is as if he already knows that Kyoko can do the role very well.:D
I wonder if skip beat shall have a season 2. The manga is still ongoing yet the whole serie is drawing to a conclusion.

Screenshot of the day:


Shotaro~! Daisuki~!

While Kyoko was thinking of her new role, she recall her past and even thought about Sho when they were still young.


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