Toradora 23 {Last Scene}



Wow, talk about ups and downs O_o

Last Scene:
Taiga was giving chocolates to Minorin, Ami-chan, Takasu and Kitamura. When Taiga was thanking to Kitamura about saving her at the mountains, Minorin was furios. She braced her two arms to Taiga’s shoulders and told her the truth about Takasu.

Taiga already knows about it, but she kepts on denying the fact. She told everyone it hurts. When she tried to ecape inside the classroom, Ami and Kitamura blocked her way. Minorin kept on convincing Taiga that her happiness can be achieved by her own efforts and not by someone else. After that Ami didn’t stop Taiga from escaping, Minorin then asked Takasu whaat’s he going to do –.


Taiga's Denial

Well I’ve been reading blogs about Minorin and Taiga changing their whole character and being OOC. But it was actually a stage wherein mixed feelings of characters are being thickened, making them to have more human emotion. The hate, the denial, the hapiness, and everything in between. What I really love on how the story moves on is that there is a time where you can say “shoot! why did she do that?!”. Well if you were in the characters shoes, you can also do the same. Why? And that’s because the characters have thier depth of emotions. They speak out if they want to, they fight if they think they are right and of course they cry when they have to. They do not have a dense feel in the way they convey their lines. As if it was already acted out in real life. Whoah, Toradora has a slice-of-life theme in the series blended with perfect drama, and emotional driven characters. 😀

Toradora is a descent friendship/romance type of anime besides True Tears XD

Mad at Ryuuji


4 thoughts on “Toradora 23 {Last Scene}

  1. Yeah Toradora was perfect. Other than the fact that Ryuji didn’t go after Ami. Ami’s probably the awesomest character since … …. … … … Hinagiku?

    • What I like about Hinagiku and Ami , is that even though they are not main heroines of the story but they make the most interesting parts of the serie 😀 FTW ~!

  2. Omg I got carried away with the drama… I was.. whoa.. speechless.. XDD

    I must say, it’s getting more and more interesting! 8D

    — [Shin]

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