Acupuncture for Tuna?!


Good news for Sushi lovers out there. Japan’s effort in making the best sushi has discovered acupuncture for dying Tuna. Now that’s a fish out of haven~!

The Osakana Planning Company is responsible for developing and patenting this special acupuncture technique. The idea behind it is that calm tuna results in purer blood and better tasting flesh. Once the fish have received the brief treatment, they thrash about less in their death throes.

β€œThe tuna do not need to be dosed with chemicals to keep them tasting fresh during transportation. The company plans to begin testing acupuncture on salmon as well. With their costs rising every day, Japanese fishermen cannot compete in these markets any more. This is about giving them the chance to give the fish they catch added value,” said Toshiro Urabe, the president of the company located in Osaka, Japan.


I wonder how Megurine Luka feels? πŸ˜€ I can’t imagine a Tuna saying “Ahh this feels great!”

Note: The places of the needles remain a trade secret. Hmm..sounds tacky to me 8D

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