Hetalia Volume 1


If you really wanted to understand clearly about Hetalia, I really recommend reading the manga first. Or probably 4-komas of Hetalia. And here comes the review~



Hetalia is based on WW2 wherein countries are stereotyped by a character. Like the Japanese are otakus, the Americans are self natured, the Italians are…well.. Pasta loving people. The comedy is so hilarious, especially on how the author portrayed every characteristics of a country and merging it to one another. Though some countries find it offensive, after reading the manga it is really not that seriously offensive. It’s ethically offensive but not in a serious way.

  • The jokes were not about harassment, it’s more on insults
  • It was based on history yet portrayed comically
  • The author is from Japan yet he portrayed Japan comically to make it fair
  • All countries are portrayed by bishies and bishoujos!
  • There was no serious swearing involved


What makes the manga clear is that, there are more  clear explanations as to why the panel says so. It’s hard to read it on subs since the dialogue is so fast, unless of course you are very well in Japanese language. Non-History enthusiast like me can’t get what some characters meant, so it’s always good to check the manga for information or search online.


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