MY first post~ .Hatsumei Princess.

Hatsumei Princess

Hatsumei Princess

kRiiX here~

So it goes like this…since i dont know what to post right now.

I’m just gonna go with something that i just recently finished reading -and when i say recently..i mean it. i just finished like a few minutes ago-.

Maybe some of you read this already..but WTH.

WELL..Hatsumei Princess.

The story of this…

Shizuka<a genius inventor,  fell in love with Hajime< the Prime minister’s son, when she was awarded at the Prime Minister’s house when she was young.  Shizuka pursuits and tries to invent something to make Hajime fall in love with her…but then when she invented a love potion, she accidentally drank it and fell in love with some other guy…which of course this made Hajime mad because the reason why Shizuka’s experiment is not working for Hajime is because…He’s already in-love with her.~’s not yet finished yet..but oh well~






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