Japan’s 1st Cartoon Ambassador?! -oh well~

doraemon: THE cartoon ambassador!

So yeah.

In this pic^, Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura handing a human-sized Doraemon doll an official certificate at an inauguration ceremony, along with dozens of “dorayaki” red bean pancakes — his favorite dessert — piled on a huge plate.

Japan has created an unusual government post to promote animation, and named a perfect figure Wednesday to the position: Doraemon.

They’re widely promoting Japanese animated cartoons, or anime.

+Doraemon is a Japanese cultural icon and is popular around the world, especially in Asia. The robotic cat travels back in time from the 22nd century and uses gadgets such as a “time machine” and an “anywhere door” that come out of a fourth-dimensional pocket on his stomach to help his friends, allowing them to travel anywhere and to any time they wish.+

btw, Astro Boy, another cartoon icon, was named last November as ambassador for overseas safety.


*what’s up with me and news today?!*



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