Maria + Holic Episodes 1-2

Just Paint It Red

Kanako transferred to an all-girls high Catholic school to fulfill her high school life. Shido Mariya, a cute first year student showed her the school in her first day. Little does she know that sometimes cute can be MAD.

Shido Mariya’s secret was exposed when Kanako opened the door to her room, SHE is actually a HE. A secret can be a double sided blade too. Kanako’s secret was also found out by Mariya first. Kanako’s biggest reason why she transfer is to find her one true love. But since it’s an all girls high school, yeah you get the idea. In short, she’s a YURI (Lesbian). Her trauma when she was young was so distressing, one contact with a boy and she’ll break out in hives.

Mariya’s reason why she cross-dress is still a mystery though, but he doesn’t want anyone to find out. So he forcibly became Kanako’s roommate. He’ quite happy to torture her everyday though. 😀


I know how it feels XD

Maria+Holic can be funny all right but the first and second episode can’t convince me yet. I still find Kanako’s mind annoying. Probably the boring part of the series yet. I find it unique to combine Yuri + cross dressing in an anime. Ha!, such twists can led to unpredictable results.

Characters are definitely weird. The neko landlady can be annoying too. The sound of the series reminds me of pun-played animes where some lines are drawn out of a scene in a flashy background then another sequence of a different animation style is used.

I love the OP and ED. Seriously ❤

Final Verdict: B-

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