Fujoshi Kanojo Chapter 1

Mutou Taiga needed a part time job. When his friend suggested him to try being a warehouse worker, he agreed upon seeing Meya Yuiko. Yuiko is the youngest worker of the company, she’s also reliable and works hard. Her beauty just made her a love at first sight for Mutou. Mutou always finds ways to be nearer to Yuiko whenever he works at the warehouse but finds himself surrounded by old obaa-chans.

Yuiko was reading her favorite manga during lunchtime when Mutou encountered her. They kept a conversation going on and eventually Yuiko slipped the words “The story development was pretty delicious” to cover up for that she stopped the whole conversation and told Mutou not to talk for a while. He was dissapointed at the whole thing, and Yuiko decided to do something


Yuiko decided to make up afterwards by treating him to lunch. Mutou was ecstatic alright, he even thought it would be a date.


At the place, he accidentally slid his bag off the table and his whole things were scattered on the floor.Yuiko helped him pick up his things and she spotted an eye-glass case which she requested him to put it on. After that, her true self might show up!



Male protagonist are made out of awesome!. Shoujo mangas always have females to talk. Male thoughts are always interesting, because it’s not annoying to read at. After researching a bit, I found out that the story was based on a blog that was later turned into novel then turned into manga. The plot is so interesting! I’m looking forward for more chapters to come~


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