Ghost Hunt Episodes 1-3


Mai Tanimiya and her friends have a passion of exchanging ghost stories on their free time. Kazuya Shibuya a 17-year old student greeted them upon seeing them in a room. Little did they know that their handsome sempai, is not what he seems like.


Kazuya Shibuya was sent by Shibuya Psychic Research Company to fulfill the Principals request in exterminating a ghost that was believed to haunt the old building.

Mai was curious over the whole thing, that she headed at the old building and saw a video camera. She was terrified and accidentally bumped on the old shoe cabinet when Kazuya’s assistant appeared. Kazuya’s assistant saved Mai but he was injured on his leg. Mai have to help Kazuya in return.

In the later part of the episodes, it seems like the principal was not convinced of Kazuya’s high tech ways so he sent out more people including a monk, a priest, a priestess, and even a girl that can sense a ghost. But their efforts were useless.  In the end it was not actually a work of a ghost, but it was because of Mai’s classmate which has a psychic mind powers that can actually be triggered by tense. Also the building was pretty darn old, so naturally it collapsed.


After the ghost hunting at the old building, Mai missed the feeling of ghost watching when he was with Kazuya, a phone call was waiting for her at school and the good news was….she will become Kazuya’s partner~.


Wow, check out Kazuya’s pretty eyelashes. Guh! Why does every bishies have these?! Oh yeah and that reminds me, even though it’s entitled ghost hunt, there were no signs of a creepy monster face to pop out. Also I might not consider that anime horror, but rather suspense..haha! The typical cliche of bishoujo and shoujo can be so obvious. Hope there will be something cooking in the later episodes. I wonder what happened to Kazuya’s real partner after announcing that Mai became Kazuya’s new partner. Hmm…I’m probably a Fujoshi after all..crud! The OP reminds me of sparkly twilight which by the way Krix will post on later for special news report. I will still be watching this anime, check out for more reviews soon~!

Final Verdict: B


2 thoughts on “Ghost Hunt Episodes 1-3

  1. Ghost Hunt is an overall good anime but I agree with you that it’s not really horror. There are a few parts in the anime that left me feeling slightly creeped out but nothing too bad. Stick with it, it’s a good show just don’t expect anything great from it and enjoy it for what it is.

  2. I’m not really into scary stuff because I scare easily, but GH ended up being one of my favorite series! I loved the combination of characters and that they managed to insert some humor into it. Bou-san is my fave chara, followed by Mai, Lin and Kazuya. I liked the OP theme too. ^^

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