Asu no Yoichi Episode 1

A samurai's ordinary day starts with a...?

A young samurai named Yoichi was sent by his father to the city so he could get used to society. He was didn’t know about living in the city so he was so amazed at every spot he can see. 5 sisters were mailed by his father to take care of Yoichi. And thus the story begins.

Fate encountered when the events turned up and Yoichi met the 5 sisters at the mall without even knowing them. When he arrived home, he was shocked to see them all living in a dojo. Now he’s branded as a PERVERT.


Harem, ecchi, and comedy. The anime was a cliché for the usual ecchi scenes and the heroic parts. It’s funny how an innocent samurai can be this perverted! Nonetheless, the plot can go from ‘meh~’ to ‘ah nice one’. Typical harem can also be noticed in the series and of course only 1 girl would be picked by our hero and it’s obviously the “perfect oneesama”. What probably fueled me in watching the anime is the character design. I love the unique hairstyles of the sisters~  and the other one would be boredom. Still a decent anime to watch for those looking for something new.

My watch rate for this anime would be : Medium. Probably the good scenes are on the next episodes.

Final Verdict: C+


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