Maria Holic Episode 3

Clue # 1

Mariya gave Kanako a new bag as a present. Kanako was so happy but when she opened the bag, something was not right at all 😀

Mariya hinted the contents of her bag as something out of this world, of course Kanako really wanted to give it back to Mariya but of obviously he refused. She just wanted to Kanako suffer! What a masochist! To make things worse for her, she let Kanako hold on to his expensive rosary, a momentum of his grandmother. It seems that it was not only Mariya who bullied Kanako in this episode, even the rabid fans of Ryuuken-sama. They pranked her with sea-food items and even tried putting fish in her bag but the weird creature ate it up and told the girls that it was not enough 😀

Ring Rosaries are common in the Philippines

In the end, Kiri-san defended Kanako and told them that they were dating. Ryuken-sama’s fans apologized to Kanako and gave the rosary back. Ryuuken heard the commotion and told Kanako that she will protect her~

Final Verdict: B+


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