Maria Holic Episodes 4-5




Ryuken-sama’s security was tight around Kanako that every fangirl wanted to beat here alive. Kanako regretted the feeling of not telling Ryuken to stop her security due to Ryuken’s innocence. Kiri noticed Kanako was hesitant so she went of and told Ryuken that they were dating. Ryuken stopped patrolling Kanako because she was so embarrassed from what Kiri had told her. Even though Kanako mistake Ned Kiri to actually meant what she said, she was down by the fact that Kiri actually was using it as an excuse just because their teacher says so. And did I mentioned Mariya was wearing a maid outfit just to content the fans desires? 🙂

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Kanako was elected as class president and Kiri sensed it was trouble so she accompanied Kanako. The meeting was started and the class president made a move on Kanako, even Mariya was waging a war with the class rep and everyone thought they were going pretty well. In fact it was the total opposite. The whole story was about Kanako’s plan to befriend the wierd Kiri. But it failed so many times~


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