ToraDora Episode 24

A warm feeling...

Ryuuji and Minorin was not able to catch up to Taiga at school. Minorin even blurted out that she really likes Takasu to Taiga. She fell to her knees nose bleeding because she tripped from running so hard then Takasu escorted her to the clinic where Minorin shared her dreams and ambitions. She even supported Takasu to chase after Taiga. And a momentarilly blush appeared on her face. Ryuuji’s expectation was right, Taiga was comming back for her part time job.

A son's rebellion..

A parent's faliure..

Taiga felt awkward seeing Ryuuji and told him to finish the part time first before any conversation slip. After work, they were finally alone to talk to each other but another problem barged in. Taiga and Takasu’s mom appeared on scene scolding the two.  Taiga and Ryuuji made a run and stopped on a bridge, the two shared their whole feelings. Ryuuji thought that if he wasn’t born then his mom wouldn’t have suffered but Taiga doesn’t want him to say that so she pushed him out of denial that he fell to the shallow river.

Takasu was about to confess but Taiga jumped towards him, she wanted it to do it her way so Takasu suggested a better idea that they would confess together. The confession was messed up when his phone ring suddenly and Taiga told him to pick it up. It was Kitamura, and it seems like he was concerned at the two. The two was soaking wet when Ami found them. They headed at Ami’s place where they decided to tell their friends that they are eloping and will get married in the future. Minorin decided to do the first step by giving her back account and all her savings to them, Ami gave them the key to her villa and Kitamura gave the two tickets. And so the two move on to Takasu’s grandparents where he introduced Taiga as his wife.

waiting for rejection...


Stunning episode! But the sudden advance in the series can be consider the cons too . Now as what I’ve mentioned on my previous posts, characters on Toradora has emotional characters that can explode at any time. Takasu for example was being frank to his mother because he really thinks she was using his future to be better than hers. I do believe he’s becoming a hasty person. His mother was doing the right thing after all, because Takasu is smart and works really hard, it would be a waste if he just work for part time jobs. Taiga on the other hand just wanted to escape from everything, even her family. There are so many alternatives to cope up with her problem but she chose to stay with Ryuuji. The whole plot as angsty, and I really felt bad that Ami was waiting for rejection and even Minori hid her own feelings till the end. I still love the two.

Final Verdict: A

Minorin's Feelings


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