Nousatsu Rock Shounen Chapter 2



Rumors spread all over that Renji was a player?! Mirai never believed in it, then the fake Renji appeared hooking his arms to her shoulder.Telling Mirai that he will ruin Renji’s image.



When she was stalking the fake Renji, she was caught and became the bait for Renji to come at the abandoned building where Mirai was strung on a chair. The fake renji called Renji and told him to come but Mirai doesn’t want Renji to come because she dont wasnt Renji to be burdened on his concert.

She hooked up lies so that Reiji would never come. It was alreadydark and there were no signs of Renji comming so the fake Renji tried to make Mirai pay.



Suddenly the crowd appeared, and East Robo started their concert on. The fake Renji appeared and greeted the fans but when his shade was removed every fans knew he was a fake. The concert started and in the end, even the faker was inlove with the band. Nobitani and Mirai returned to their school where he was chased by fangirls that he had to deal with it.

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