Cat Street

Keito Aoyama withdrew herself completely after retiring her acting career at a young age because of a stage fright that severely damaged her acting career. She was left alone in her room and wasted her days just watching outside her window until she became 16. One day, while taking a stroll a mysterious man offered her to go to El Liston. A free high school – and by that even the way you do things at the campus was carefree.She encountered Rei then Momiji and Kouichi.Together with them Keito slowly become aware of her surroundings and changes herself and even the people around her.

From the mangaka of ‘Hana Yori Dango’ comes another heart throbbing manga by Kamio Youko.The story revolves on each characters of cat street. The young casts were all problem children that lacked something from the normal. The students of El Liston are problem children and they slowly grasped the warmth that their teachers and their colleagues showed them.

Keito being the lead character is really interesting, she’s not the usual timid girl on a story. Rather, she’s really an honest-frank person. She expresses right away what she feels, and can sometimes cry when she has to. She didn’t get enough schooling so even she has a very weird reaction on socializing with others. The friends of Keito also has their share of their problems: Rei – an outcast of their old soccer team, Momiji – an outcast goth lolita, and Kouichi- a computer genius that withdrew himself to the society. All of them encountered the mysterious principal and had enrolled at El Liston. Fate united the four as they journey their way out of their old sorrows.

I love the way Kamio balanced the whole story out by not letting minor characters being overshadowed by the main character but let each character shine. Like most readers, the summary didn’t interest me but when I got used to reading each chapter I realized I can’t wait for another chapter. The whole story was not confusing, it was clear from beginning till the end. Almost each character have their own background and is explained out clearly like how El Liston came about, how Rei and the others got to the school, and even the background of the principal.

After being separated for 2 and a half years..

Keito’s love life was a triangle involving Rei and Kouichi. Rei made his move first but then he realized that Keito actually loved Kouichi even though she didn’t noticed it herself and being a gentle person he made a gap between them so Keito would realize her true feelings. A genuine move indeed and 2 years have passed, Keito and Kouichi met again but this time there is no holding back. I just love it XD

The quotes of each character are moving, I really recommend people to read it 🙂


The characters still reminds me of the old casts of “Hana Yori” Keito reminds me of Makino , Rei reminds me  of Doumyouji!, while Kouichi reminds me of Rui . A hint anyone? Well in my humblest opinion, the author probably recycled the old ideas and blending it with an alternative ending this time with Keito and Kouichi. Ah, that’s a fangirl speaking so  don’t mind me *cough* Yeah, seriously the character moods really ticks me, I still believe in Rui x Makino anyway. Ha!, I’m totally satisfied with Cat Street now.

Volumes: 8 (completed)
Final Verdict: A


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