An Otaku’s Journey to the Net -Hatsune Miku –

The mysterious singing diva..

This documentary news is presented by Nogizaka as partial fulfillment for her favorite singing diva Hatsune Miku.

Hatsune Miku is a female voice synthesizer. It’s easier to say that it’s a voice programs that lets a user input the lyrics and she will sing it according on how the user inputted it.Her debut drew in thousands of fans and made her popular at nico*nico douga. A popular Japanese youtube site.

When first love ends

Her songs are of course fan-made (some are revived). They are genuinely made for her to shine. There are very known composers of Hatune’s songs and they are Deco*27, Supercell, and Livetune. How fans seriously dedicated their hard work in composing songs for her remains a mystery.Even so, not only the compositions are beautifully made, even her Animated PV’s are highly recognized. As a matter of fact, some composers sell their fan-made Vocaloid songs into doujin cds that are illustrated by the artists from the PV’s.

Then fans outside from Japan introduced Hatsune Miku by uploading her fan-made songs on youtube and others. The curiosity of wandering otakus around the net find her really eye-catching. Was it because of the face? or is it because of everything she does. 🙂 Notable users includes Pkjd and Kazaerashi who are dedicated in uploading (even subbing some) those songs at Youtube.

Kei Garou, was the one who illustrated Hatsune Miku and the rest of the Vocaloid 2 series. His futuristic style blend with simple clothing made Hatsune Miku and her companions so attractive. From the detailed Hairpiece to her shiny music boots ; everything made her stunning.  Tattoo that are marked on their arms of each character symbolized who was made first. Hatsune is number 01, Rin and Len are both 02, and the new comer Megurine Luka got number 03.

The Vocaloid family was purely fan idea that was popularized in Pixiv (a Japanese deviant art alike site).  Talented fans can come up with a funny comic that involves all the cast of Vocaloid which includes Meiko, Kaito and Gackupo.

Then Piapro was born (the official dedicated vocaloid community for fans). Where fans gather to post their composed songs, fanart, lyrics, and even events. I also found out that composers upload voiceless background music for other fans to use it.

Not only were fan-made songs became popular, even fan-made software like MMD (Miku Miku Dance) became an alternative for fans who have a difficulty in making drawn PV’s. MMD is a 3d animation software that is used for her PV’s or even comical nonsense. You can find some PV’s of her in MMD when you make a search on “MMD” at Youtube.

Fan-made vocaloids are another topic. But the ones that Crypton officially recognized is Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, and Kasane Teto. They sometimes appear in the unofficial manga of vocaloid “Hatsune Mix” (illustrated by Kei).

Also, english fan sites of Hatsune Miku were establised and this includes Miku Fan, which includes some updates on videos related to Miku. Moetron owned by Pkjd also covers up recent vocaloid news and the like.

More revisions and acurate sources will be upped soon! Love doing reasearch ^_~


One thought on “An Otaku’s Journey to the Net -Hatsune Miku –

  1. Hmm, that’s some pretty interesting stuff. I do admit there is something about her appearance that is, I don’t know, welcoming I guess. I went to the Miku Fan site and listened to a few songs, they sounded pretty good for a voice synthesizer.

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