Toradora Episode 25

The revelation..

The kiss...

I’m speechless, stunned, and stupefied. A two thumbs up is needed!

Ya-chan’s reconciliation with her parents was very heartwarming. It takes guts for a person to come back after running away.Also kissing with Ryuuji over and over again can make every fans expectation that the obvious ending would be marriage but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Taiga distanced herself to Ryuuji just so she could reconcile with her mother.

Probably the best classmates anyone could have

When Ryuuji’s friends knew about this Minorin had a mistaken impression on Ryuuji and even slapped him hard. Ami knew this wasn’t the case so she stopped her. Eventually even Minorin apologized to Ryuuji. Ami decided to finally end her feelings to Ryuuji and still came up with a slight meaning on her lines. I still can’t believe Ryuuji is still dense as ever.

Years probably went by and Taiga visited the school once again, hidden in a closet ryuuji knew where to find her. She wore an unfamiliar seifuku, it probably came from a school where her mother sent her.Re-color it green and you can actually find it like a Shugakun no Shana Cosplay 😉

Ami is ❤

Over-all I find the series very entertaining for a slice of life type of anime. The drama was really good even though it was shortened into a 25 episode anime. My most favorite character of the series would be Ami, she really made it interesting on how Taiga and Ryuuji developed over the prevoius episodes. And I love the way she matured since her first appearance. 🙂 The part where Taiga’s classmates draw their cellphones to keep in touch with her was entertaining. They were like taking a gun out of their pocket. The ending may have been unclear, but that just want us to keep hoping for more seasons to come..fanservice anyone? 🙂

Final Verdict: A

Over-all Series Verdict: A


4 thoughts on “Toradora Episode 25

  1. Pretty ambiguous end, but I love it. =D
    A too resolutive end will result in the show being something like..duh-ish. Also, higher chances for a second season with our ambiguous ending too.
    And, maybe there might be a similar spinoff like To Aru Railgun, and call it AmiDora or something.

  2. One of the best, most unexpected endings of any anime (that came only recently) so far!

    From the start, we all knew that Ryujii and Taiga would end up with each other. But HOW it happened was something nobody could tell. I bet none of us knew that Kitamura liked Taiga before, until that episode that he told her. And none of us knew that Minorin actually liked Takasu until the episode with the bear or somewhere near that part when she started feeling guilty.

    AND THE PRESIDENT! Kitamura’s story about his love for the president…it made me tear up at some point. Not because of how painful it must have felt, but at how incredibly SHOCKING it was.

    In the ending, I was completely touched about their mothers. When Ryuuji told Ya-chan that she was pushing her failures on him, it shook me too far! And then both moms acted like children.

    The last episode was a complete success. If anything, the moral would’ve been “people who run away are bound to the present, and never mature.” They all acted like children. But Taiga and Ryuuji both made the most mature decisions in the whole series.

    And it affects me a lot, too, being a student who’s about to take entrance exams for college. The future seems scary, and it’s like I want to run away.

    It gave no clear conclusions, and the whole story itself wasn’t that near to life as you’d expect. But it managed to connect to its viewers, nonetheless.

    I give it AA, if that’s possible.

  3. i loved toradora!! i just finished watching it!! ryuji and taiga’s confession was not the least bit corny – it funny at the same time soo sincere! the kiss was heartlfelt it will make you cry!! its the best romantic comedy anime ive seen so far!! loved it!!

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