Hachimitsu no Hana Chapter 1

Honey Flower


Chitose is working as a maid for the Kuze Family. The Kuze Family, being one of the most prestigious families has one problem. The Master of the house can’t seem to bear a child with his wife. So he went to England to adopt his nephew as his own child. The honey haired boy was so beautiful that Chitose was in love at first sight. But the whole household servants were avoiding the young master. It seems that they hated his difference, same with the people outside the gates.

He was teasing her radish feet back then ๐Ÿ˜€

One day, the young master Lan went outside the gates with Chitose so they can buy books at a second hand bookstore.
Chitose tried protecting her young master but the people just called him a freak. Immediately, Lan told everyone that he was a part of the Kuze family so he can protect Chitose from people who tried to bully her. Lan guided Chitose to another route where Chitose tried sorting her feelings our for Len. Her status of being a maid held back her feelings for his young master. Before she could even say her confession completely, the Lan confessed immediately that she was the only one that he really likes the most for being so sincere.

He reminds me of Tamaki

A meiji love story? Count me in! I love historical themed mangas. I’ll be following Kiuchi Tatsuya’s manga from now on. His style for plots are so sweet and gentle. Not aggressive, but softly excecuted. I love his artwork too, and even the plot itself is very interesting. Though maid x master are a common thing, but this one ain’t smut or ecchi so definitely can’t wait for more chapters to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

Final Verdict: A


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