Saimoe International – Have you voted yet?

And the next Saimoe is....

The search for the most moe~ in the anime sphere has arrived. The International Saimoe League has started and who will be crowned the ultimate moe this year?

Saimoe first started in Japan of course, hosted by the genius users of 2chan dating back 2002 and was widely recognized. Unlike Saimoe Japan which eliminates the losing character immediately after a loss (single elimination round), the International Saimoe League determines the most moe  character of all time.

The International Sai Moe League is translated over 5 languages to choose from {English, Espanol, Deutsch, Portugues, Chinese, Japanese. Korean and Thai}

The voting system is not confusing at all, though if you are not so sure about voting, you can check out their long list of rules. 🙂

After voting, you can paste the vote codes that are generated according to your picks.

The theme this season i’m voting for is Aquamarine.

It yearns for peace and harmony. It searches for trust and friendship. It yearns to be still in love. However, its heart is in turmoil, for it does not see the peace and harmony in this world. Rather, mankind has been content to engage in wars and take innocent lives, unaware of the unfortunate end that would await them. To feel pain when someone is hurt, one can be either as stiff as a stubborn boulder and stay oblivious or as adaptive as water and react quickly. For the sixty-four that are suddenly pulled from their ordinary lives, pulled from the worlds in which they live, it calls for the most adaptive candidate, the candidate that can quickly respond in a suddenly unfamiliar environment. Like the ever-changing form of water, a road to destiny can change. To accept… no… to become Aquamarine… is to adapt.

{Bear in mind that Saimoe is serious business.}

There are two sites that has the same goal as Sai Moe International.

Super Moe Tournament
– which involves Korean and Japanese characters. “The Best Moe Tournament” according to them. The front page is in English and the instructions are simple. So have fun voting!

Anime Saimoe In Japan – The original Saimoe tournament. Check the link for more information and details on how to vote there.

Nogizaka's picks!

So, have you voted yet?


7 thoughts on “Saimoe International – Have you voted yet?

  1. ‘The theme this year is Aquamarine.’ Its the season, Topaz is gonna be the next season like 2 rounds later, which means like a week or so. Each season has an individual winner, and there are 8 seasons, so each character HAS to go through the rest.
    And hey, WHY AKARI! HATE YOU. ! GAH! Also because you never voted for Nayuki, she got 666 votes as a result!(actually I voted for Kyou too. =D)
    ok back to the point, feeling really depressed in April Fools Day. Dunno why.

    • I was evil when i picked Arika… T_T I can’t resist her..hehe 😀
      I admired Kyou so that figures 😀
      Oh yeah, thanks for correcting my post.. 😀
      I didn’t read the rules much.. my eyes was bleeding cuz of the long list *_*

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