Second Thoughts; I might have missed these

Last week I started watching for anime’s that I have been anticipating on low priority ever since I started focusing on popular ones. Sometimes you really need to look back just to get the impression you really wanted to have. Backtracking is hard work, especially now that you need to fuse some “current watching” anime schedule and make way for “planned to watch” ones.

1.)Macross Frontier

What bout' my star?

What I used to think:

Probably another pop shoujo anime with reverse harem oh and mecha I’ll pass.


The songs are way to addictive!, that probably made a stepping stone for me to start watching for more. Also, Ranka is moe~ in an innocent way, the love triangle with her v.s.  a diva can be unpredictable. With a decent story line and characters involve this series is recommended. Oh And I’m still up to episode 3, and I’m quite hyped about it. Definitely recommended!


The mighty Taiga

What I used to think:



Probably some people never expected the anime to be so intense and even added with drama and girl fights from the characters. But it was actually entertaining and quite interesting from start to end. So recommended — stamped!

3.) To Aru Majutsu no Index

Index and the walking church?

What I used to think:

I didn’t read the manga so it was a meh……loli


First episode reminds me of Chaos;Head. Quite a start and I need some Index goodness so this anime is still good to watch. Funny and action at the same time, character lines are striking too though I wonder why conversation can be quite long during a battle..ha 😀

4.) Asu no Yoichi

Harem sisters~

What I used to think:

Oh great, another samurai with obvious ecchi and harem.


Ok, I know the plot is meaningless but I still love to see the Second Sister (the blonde one). Because she’s my type of girl in the story. And that’s all. All the ecchi scenes, well I’ve already being used in seeing it and I say it’s quite typical.

Other Anime’s worth watching

  • Maria Holic
  • Sora Kake Girl
  • Spice and Wolf

4 thoughts on “Second Thoughts; I might have missed these

  1. Loved Toradora. It was surprisingly good. Must watch the final episode soon. Spice and Wolf was good too, and I’m looking forward to its season 2 come Summer ’09. ^_^

    PS: I added you in my blogroll too. Btw, you mentioned in my blog that you added me in your blogroll, but I can’t seem to find it in the list…

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