Spring Anime 09′ Trailers

Compiled trailers for Spring 2009 Anime’s .


2.)Eden of east

3.)Asura Cryin

4.) Pandora Hearts

5.) K-On

6.) Hatsukoi Limited

7.) Tears to Tiara

8.) Valkyria Chronicles

9. )Phantom Requiem

10.) Full Metal Alchemist 2

11.) 07 Ghost

12.) Natsu no Arashi

13.) Tayutama

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7 thoughts on “Spring Anime 09′ Trailers

  1. finally i get to see the valkryia chronicles trailer! I am looking forward to it as I enjoyed the video game tremendously! Thank you for this isnightful post!

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  3. pandora hearts!!!
    i already watched 2 episodes …and loved it..^-^..
    well episode one was not so great.. but episode 2 was better!
    btw the bgm/music that was done by yuki kajiura…perfect…

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