Asura Cryin’ Episode 1 – First impressions

Asura Cryin Episode 1 Review

Well to be honest, I really thought it was a ghost story or something because of it’s trailer but it’s quite the opposite actually and more on that it has some unexpected expectations and turns and even the plot have wtf moments served.


I’m quite picky on character details, check out  Tomo’s fish hook hairstyle.He actually has an overseas brother which transfer from one place to another due t school. Can he really do that everyday? There are also scenes where Tomo was being a pervert, like taking a glimpse at Misao’s ghastly boobies while she was sleeping. I never knew this anime has a potential ecchi tag. Even his best friend was talking ero on the first scene at his house.

You? Cute? Really...?

Also, his companion ghost Misao, the weird thing about her is having ghost clothes in certain episodes. Now where could she have hid her ghastly clothes? She’s a ghost alright, and ghost can pass through anything and that includes walls. The scene with the mysterious suitcase that was given by Shuri- sempai had lacking depth, Misao could have passed through the suitcase and sense what’s in it..rather than staring at the whole thing. pfft! I’ve never heard of sleeping ghosts at night, I really thought they would be sleeping at daylight *sarcasm* ^_^;;

Tripple Baka!

Enemies..let’s say they are worst than average. There goes another color warfare where whites and blacks  compete, and an additional white + black combination guy (<–this one is just

I can't believe it..!

Also, the suitcase was at the top floor, the white team barged into Tomo’s house but they can’t even find such an obvious location. Man about dumb. They even tied Tomo up instead of finding the suitcase. Also the combination guy was invincible as superman, even the bullets didn’t affected him, he could have killed them first. All the three potential enemies were strong..why did they hire weak mafias?!


I waas expecting too much *facepalms*. Will be continuing on watching this series depending if it will have a good outcome.

Watch rate: Medium to Low

Final Verdict: C

Upcomming :

The heterochemia’s identity will be revealed. More Mafias.


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