Hayate no Gotoku!! S-2 Episode 1

Nagi's Training with Hayate

Nagi was challenged by Klause to a race. If she looses, Hayate won’t be her butler anymore. But if she wins, she can keep Hayate as well as his debt be payed off too. But how can she pull it off if she really do sucked at sports?

It would be impossible if she wont join the race too

Nagi obviously can’t win, so Hayate tried to ask Hinagiku if there’s an even where she can’t participate into but that is quite impossible for her. Hinagiku gave him a tip about what race Nagi should participate in and that’s the free style-course.

2 days left for the racing event and Nagi gave it her all to practice with Hayate. The reason? Motivation of course. Hayate still is dense, and Nagi can take his every compliment to be her fighting energy. I guess she’s still a sucker for that huh? πŸ˜€

The race has started and both of them was left behind. Hayate thought a shortcut would be better but to their surprise, more obstacles were waiting for them. And let’s not forget the maid duos — Heart Max?

Hinagiku, a.k.a final boss appeared. Hayate let Nagi go on ahead to finish the race. Their battle quickly ended when Hayate let Hinagiku follow him to a suspension bridge. Her weakness was heights. πŸ˜€



And away!


  • So Hayate no Gotoku!! started of with the narration of characters just like in season 1 but notice that he didn’t play much of a big role compared to the first season.
  • There are fewer character references too, like the statues are now looking normal, season 1 had almost everything noticeable from house furniture to insert scenes and etc.
  • The pop color of the season deserves a thumbs up.
  • The direct adaptation of this episode to the manga really hints that probably this season is more plot centric than the first.
  • Even though the studio changed, they still chose the original casts of voice actors/actresses were still the same
  • The whole episode introduces almost every main/minor cahracters – It’s a way how the show introduces every character in 1 go (according to Hayate himself).



Honestly I prefer Season 2 than Season 1. For now πŸ™‚ I definitely love the ED. The Hinagiku fanbase is growing and she definitely looked stunning in her last pose. J.C. staff did a good fanservice. Can’t wait for more episodes to come.


  • Will Hayate will still be Nagi’s Butler?
  • Who’s that girl in the preview?

Final Verdict: A-


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