FMA: Brotherhood Episode 1

FMA Brotherhood Episode 1

FMA brotherhood is definitely eye catching for new viewers and knowledgeable fans out there. the remake concept is faithfully adapted from the manga. Episode 1 shows familiar characters from Roy Mustang to the good ol’ enemies from the first season squished and bundled.


The op is so loved! I find Yui really addictive, the animation of the OP was kick-ass too. Fans can take a glimpse on why Edward and Al’s body aren’t normal at all. Some may find it confusing as a first episode but fear not. It’s still the beginning and episode 2 will take us to Ed’s past.

~Another thing that I find good was the fight scene between Bradley and Isaac. The mood really reminds me of death scenes from kill bill. On the other hand..Bradly really had that “Hitler” atmosphere. It gave me the chills 😀
~Armstrong is still as sparkly as ever! Even the part where everything he smashes carves into his face was hilarious.
~Roy Mustang’s childish side is so cute :D. I’m beginning to like this series. Don’t worry about your fire Roy~!

Spoiler for Al's Human Appearance

Things i liked on the remake:
~Yui sang the OP
~Noticeable atmosphere change based

Final Verdict: A

Watching Verdict: High

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