K-On Episode 4

Sure they're not 😀

Can Mio’s leadership able to overcome two obstacles of their band?

Mio planned to have a training camp for the band since it’s been 3 months and they still haven’t played anything together yet. Upon listening to the old band tape of the previous light music club members, Mio was even more determined about the situation. Yui and Ricchan keeps on doing unnecessary stuff like planning to have a maid cafe instead. Tsumugi agreed to let them stay at their villa, yet she noticed that only Mio was very serious about the matter.

She told her not to worry too much and they spent their whole day at the beach.Mio had also forgotten about the practice but later on she managed to recover. In the end Hirasawa Yui surpassed Mio’s expectations and performed really well. Their goal..the Budokan!

Moe! I don’t know what makes Yui so attractive, it’s probably of her airhead personality that makes me wanted to squeeze here more. 😀 Mio had the most moe scenes in the episodes and Tsumugi’s richness still hasen’t tarnished. Ricchan is the leader airhead! She’s the complete likeness of Yui but she still manage to remove the airhead personality when shes at school. I still love how she tortures Mio though. Mio is quite a scaredy cat indeed! A bit of a fanservice with her bouncy boobs was shown but I really think she can match up with Tsumugi’s though.

I really wanted them to feature Tsumugi more often though, I can still feel her lonesome atmosphere sometimes. She needs more lines!! Do it Kyo-Ani! I’m begging here!

Final Verdict: B+

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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