Valkyria Chronicles Episode 1

Valkyria Chronicles Episode 1 Review

Alicia Melchiott, an apprentice baker was now a part of the soldiers of her town Bruhl. She faithfully encounters Welkin Gunther sketching by the river bank and was falsely accused as a spy. Due to his love of nature sketching, he forgots to pick up her sister immediately for evacuation and ends up being temporarily imprisoned. He made an escape but Alicia caught sight of it.

*Peeping Tom*

Both of them hid at the forest and it was bad luck since the enemies have already crossed the borderline of Bruhl. Alicia, not wanting Gunter to escape from her sight she followed him instead to the house where her sister was currently staying. The enemies saw them and they were cornered. With only one option left but to ride the tank, will they be able to escape?

Oh Shi-!!


I just love Welkin’s sister. She’s innocent yet had a bad-ass character behind her. Welkin is the airhead even though he’s the big brother role. Crazy cliffhanger, now I’m too excited to watch Episode 2. *squeels* Probably one thing that annoys me was the fainting sissy. She could just have sign out of craps sake but at least she’s cute. Their names are complicated to pronounce too, I got tongue tied talking about them to my friends.:D

I’m quite impressed with the anime production. From game to anime, they really did pulled off a decent anime show so far. I love how the  style of the anime was laid off, anyone noticed the moving textures on each character? H-Q animation with a good plot it really is worth watching! From character designs to the color scenes, I’m inlove with this series right now and It is worth watching so far.

Final verdict: A
Watching Rate: High


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