Valkyria Chronicles Episode 2

Valkyria Chronicles Episode 2 Review

Edelweiss the prototype tank that Welkin’s father owned was the only exit route they can use to escape from the Imperial army. When they successfully escaped the crossfire and arrived at the town location, they were surprised to know that their town was already surrounded by the Imperial army.

The stubborn town leader saw this as a dangerous threat so he commanded the militia hold on the town while the military was coming and even let an old crummy rusted tank to be repaired though it was obviously impossible. Isara warned the town leader not to go but he wont listen to here because he only sees here as a mere “Darcsen”. He successfully bombed an enemy tank at first but at his second attempt, the tank was dead. They were shot first by the Imperial and it was awful for Alicia to see the tragedy. They went back at the outpost and full throttled Edelweiss to attack back at the Imperial. They were successful alright, and they even managed to let them retreat. All that was left was to fall back. Alicia decided to join the army.

My, Episode 1 did better at character design, they probably did quick sketchy style. Oh well, this episode was good alright. Though it’s quite slow paced, Welkin’s density still hasn’t changed, even his dialogue at the end of the ed was all about nature…what an airhead 😀

Final Verdict: B

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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