Eden Of East Episode 1- I found myself a Prince

Eden Of East Episode 1 Review

What could possibly go wrong when you are caught throwing coins at the White House fountain? Morimi Saki, a Japanese girl that went to Washington DC for her College graduation trip. The police suspicion  her for throwing something damgerous at the White house, tongue tied at the moment Saki wasn’t able to answer the guards. Luckily a naked young man appeared suddenly while holding a gun and waving it to the police, now that’s something wrong!

Saki thought that was over when the cops chased the crazy guy but the young mas was hiding behind a wall after all. She offered him her coat and her hat for him to cover himself. She was about to go when she remembered that her passport was left at the coat that she offered to him, so no choice for her but to chase it back. The young man had his memories erased because of a phone call, not sure on where to go he tried contacting someone from a phone that he was holding.

Juiz, his concierge was the one who pick his call and told him on to his mission without telling the whole truth on why his memories were purposely erased. Juiz gave him the location on his old apartment and when he got there, he was surprised to find out that his closet was load of ammo. He’s suspicious that he was indeed a terrorist. He got a handful of keys and a bunch of fake passports to spare. Saki arrived at his door and asked for her passport. The man seem to have a passport that has the same month and year of Saki’s birthday so he decided to choose that passport and burned the remaining ones using a toaster.

A police arrived at his door questioning Saki if she was the one on the picture that was caught outside the white house. She tried to avoid answering it, then the young man appeared and acted out as if they were dating. The police wanted to confirm if he was the man who was naked so he had no choice but to show his “Johnny” at her. Luckily they were able to bypassed the female police.

At the Airport, both Saki and the young man was able to pass through but did Saki had the right turn meeting him or will she be able to realize that she has a dangerous partner?


Superb animation, OP and ED, and even the plot itself! Can’t wait for more to come, they even hired American people for dubbing some characters which is quite good. It’s rare to see an anime that has fluent English speakers being hired. The OP was really inspiring! The design and style was very artistic even the paper crafted ED was brilliant! It’s still too early whether this anime will get a serious turn or will it have the comedic side intact. Nonetheless, episode 1 had both drama and comedy balanced out.

Final Verdict: A+
Watching Rate: Very High

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6 thoughts on “Eden Of East Episode 1- I found myself a Prince

  1. Saki’s character is really cute and Akira’s comedic side is cool 😀

    Intriguing things are yet to be discovered and this keeps you on your toes. The next two episodes are really good.

    For me, this and K-ON! are best series of the spring season no doubt.

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