Valkyria Chronicles Episode 3

Valkyria Chronicles Episode 3 Review

Welkin being the late General Gunther’s son received quite the attention in the militia aside from the fact that his father was a war hero. He was appointed as the commander of Squad 7 and requested Isara to be the one who will maintain their special tank. Alicia was assigned to be Gunther’s partner which really annoyed her.

While Alicia was sulking about her role, Welkin’s friend Faldio appeared telling him that he was assigned as commander for squad 1. Faldio even shared to Alicia that both of them were freaks that attracted to one another. Talk about love!

Squad 7’s commander was introduce and it seems there were two people who were not confident of Welkin’s leadership due to the fact that he had no battle experience at all. Welkin’s speech irritated Sergeant Largo Potter and Corporal Brigette Stark.

The mission this time was getting Vasel bridge in control, whoever controls the bridge has a great advantage in the battle. The militia headed out for it and Welkin thought that the regulars might have the bridge under full control by the time they get there but it was the exact opposite.

Brigette complained at Isara just because she is a darcsen. She consider her as an eyesore, when Welkin and Alicia overheard their argument Welkin made a bet with his squad.

Since Brigette and Potter turned their squad members against him, he decided that if his squad can defeat the enemies at the other side of the bridge within 2 days, they will have to obey and if it wont turn out to be good then he would personally resign.

Alicia just can’t believe in Welkin’s bet but he had already planned something for the next day. The day was foggy and just like what Welkin said, it will be an advantage for them to attack their enemies.

Using Edelweiss as a submerged tank and the remaining squad members on a boat, squad 7 headed their way through the river. Everyone thought that the tank sunk but it emerge later on and attacked the imperial in full force. The remaining soldiers arrived at land and started shooting for the enemies. The day has ended and the bridge was under their control already, the members regain their trust on their commander but Brigette still hated Isara.

This episode gave me the tingling feeling about a tank being submerged on water, I really thought their plan will fail for sure I mean, real tanks got lot of holes right? *fangirling* Faldio is hot alright! But I still prefer Welkin over him. He got the “care-free leadership” type, which is quite impossible on real life. Alicia’s cute side still hasn’t change though I really wonder who will she end up with due to Episodes 4 preview. I really wish Brigette would die..for the sake of Isara ftw~! Yay~! The feel of this episode is like watching a war movie, I like the atmosphere of this anime so far. And did I mention tons of bishies will be upcoming?

Final Verdict:A
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Faldio flirts with Alicia.A hot king in the seat.And Welkin got bitch slapped!?


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