Eden of The East Episode 2 – Melancholy Monday

Takizawa Akira and Saki arrived at Japan. Takizawa learned how to use his cellphone but little did he know that the more he uses his cellphone, the more risky it is of being traced.

An officer with a cellphone like Takizawa has been following him right after he arrived at the airport. He had a number “4” on the back of his cellphone and tracks log for Takizawa’s spending. When they finally met at the monorail, Takizawa surprised him and asked about his cellphone, the officer avoided the question and instead showed him his police badge and asked a couple of questions.

After their meeting, Saki and Takizawa arrived at a port waiting for the next yacht to pick Takizawa to Toyosu. When the yacht arrived, it was finally goodbye for the two. But then Saki wanted to come with him, so he let out his hand and made her ride the yacht. In the final scene, the officer killed off two men and a witness that saw the shooting.

Takizawa looks like L . He's good in sideview too 😀

The episode was slow paced but Saki explained most of the “careless monday” incident. Even though Takizawa had his memories erased, his wit still remains. He was still new about his cellphone so he really forgot how to be careful. The scene where he took Saki’s picture with him was sooo cute :). I love his personality, my kind of guy actually. And that annoying number 4 officer really ticks me off! I really think had another plan or something on why he masked his identity to Takizawa. On the other hand, Takizawa is so rich! 8 billion yen like whoah, I can live for that! Unlike the shady officer with 7,000+ yen left, that was probably his goal..to steal Takizawa’s phone! But that’s just a guess. ^_^; Also did Takizawa purposely erased his memory? He bought a memory eraser on his spending log. He might have hidden something and thought that erasing his memories would be better.

Final Verdict: A

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