Hatsukoi Limited Episode 1

Trouble brewin'!

Ayumi, like any other girls — dreams of being in love and carried away by her prince. She told her friends that anyone would do. But what if that guy is the total opposite of a prince?

Zaitsu Misao, the most scariest guy in the neighborhood confessed to her through a love letter. All of her friends were afraid, but she can’t reject him yet because she’s afraid something might happen. Even after asking help from his brother didn’t work. The guy is known to be the most scariest delinquent.

Misao keept on following Ayumi for 1 week, but she really can’t take the stress that has been building on her body so she rejected him. She ran as fast as she could to avoid him but she goot kidnapped by some thugs who held a grudge on Misao. In the end Misao beats the hell out of em’ but the one that took Misao down was Ayumi herself. She didn’t accepted him alright, she was still looking for the right prince to come.

I thought the episodes were more fanservice-themed but I really am wrong this time. Still find this episode cute and sweet. Probably reminded me of my high school days too. There were only a few ecchi scenes, but the story had a slice-of-life like atmosphere that can really convince you to watch out for more. Hope this anime wont disappoint fans. I still love Ayumi’s cute attitude and I can’t wait for the her friends story to unfold in the later episodes.

Final Verdict: B+
Watching Rate: Medium

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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