Pandora Hearts Episode 1

Pandora Hearts Episode 1 Review

A mysterious pocket watch hidden beneath the ground which gave way after Oz followed the distinct music. The watch had a vengeful girl that hated Oz and told him that she will kill him. After the incident, the Oz and his sister went back at the mansion and was getting ready for the coming-of-age celebration but little did he know that his friend who stayed behind was controlled by a mysterious magic user.

The animation didn’t really matched what I’ve been expecting. I guess promotional posters do tend to fool us. I’m quite disappointed with the animation and production, but I’m still rooting for the manga. Hope there is improvement on the later episodes. In short the anime quality was low, compared to other anime series this season.
Also, my original PH review was gone…damn wp drafts.
I will continue reviewing this anime though, the plot is quite interesting. It’s still too early to judge right?

Final Verdict: B-
Watching Rate: Medium to LowVodpod videos no longer available.


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