K-On! Episode 5


Sawako-sensei’s past revealed. A new advisor for the Light Music Club and more crazy outtakes.

and the verdict is....


Episode 5 still manage to have the comedy sense alright but watching k-on, this episode didn’t have a good output for me. First of all, it really made me feel blah, probably because I was getting used to slapstick comedies like these. And did anyone noticed Mio being too over sometimes? She cowers more often in recent episodes now –after her fear of barnacles, I can’t believe she’s afraid of blood either, she did told Yui in the early episodes of her experience as a guitarist.Mugi’s intriguing character change was unexpected either. Anyone got a hint of the possibility of this anime going “yuri” ?.  ;_; But I still love some scenes though, especially how Yui wanted to be the vocal of the band, took her too much convincing powers too. 🙂

Final Verdict:C+

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