Valkyia Chronicles Episode 4

Faldio's a natural player

It’s Faldio’s turn to allure Alicia. And while he’s at it, he may have noticed how interesting the girl was.

Faldio’s curiosity between Welkin and Alicia’s relationship made him draw nearer to Alicia. A natural player at his age, he’s as dense as Welkin himself. He didn’t even mind Alicia’s underwear after he held it, and he doesn’t show an embarrassed face. He’s definitely a natural casa nova. But even so, he still cares for his comrades like Welkin. The cunning man had his subordinate just like Alicia but it seems that he disliked Welkin so much, probably he find it unbelievable that Welkin can win over the bridge with just 1 squad. Well, that’s to be expected since Welkin is a natural air-headed genius.

Is this really a military lounge?

Meanwhile, Alicia and Welkin were summoned to clarify about the strategy. Squad 7 was removed from the mission and they were really disappointed with that, so in order to do something around, Welkin ordered them to clean the cabins instead.

They did something naughty?

Due to General Damon’s wrong decision of not letting Squad 7 join the fight, they failed in the mission of defeating the Imperial’s supply route. In the end, Squad 7 was ordered to be in the front lines with Faldio’s squad that volunteered in joining. After all that, Faldio purposely spilled about Alicia seeing his body and him seeing her underwear, the whole squad was shocked and probably thought of something naughty. Furious, Alicia tried to slap his face but Faldio avoided it and guess where her hand landed? At Welkin’s face of course. 😀

VC just get’s getting more interesting. With the development of Faldio over Alicia and his crazy ways of teasing her. There’s probably a chance that Welkin can get over his density but that will probably take 100 years or so. Welkin’s leadership and his wise decision making saved their squad from joining the coward Damon’s army. The regulars fought hard, but Damon just escaped on a whim, talk about survival of the fittest.

Final Verdict: A

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