Valkyria Chronicles Episode 5

Why did Faldio got closer to her?

Faldio became so close with Alicia in this episode. So did Faldio had a conclusion with his feelings? Or did Alicia had another someone to take care of 😀

While Welkin and Faldio formulated a strategy, the bushes were moving and Isara  noticed it first. Alicia got her gun and tried to go nearer to the suspected spy but Brigette suddenly pop out of nowhere and scared Alicia. The spy ran, but Brigette strangled him. Alicia was watching and what did they caught? A rare winged pig.

The Soft and the Wild

Welkin was amused at it. While Brigette was rambling about the pig Welkin just got a plan. In order to attack the supply route, Faldio’s squad has to treck the Forrest where they can take advantage of the animal tracks left by the pig. That way the bushes won’t be moving much and they can conceal themselves from the enemy. Meanwhile Welkin had a direct attack to the enemies base. They had to distract the enemy in order for Alicia and Faldio’s team can infiltrate the inner base.

Faldio kept on teasing Alicia along the way but Alicia just kept ignoring. Faldio became frank with her by talking about the fear in her heart, Alicia told him that she could only go forward in order not to fall behind. Faldio was sparked by her answer, but when they almost reach the enemy base Alicia was scared stiff. Faldio inserted a nut at her back to get her back from her senses, Alicia was startled and  he told her that her fear might get in the way. Alicia was assured by his statement and decided to be reckless by attacking the enemy.


Faldio scolded her after they were able to dock and hide, but Alicia reassured him. On her second attempt of running, Faldio told her to dock because a sniper was aiming at her but it was too late. They got Alicia’s leg. Faldio carried Alicia to be shielded by a tree and Alicia told Faldio it wasn’t a big deal, and told him to continue backing her up. Alicia shoots while Faldio’s men backed her. Welkin  commanded them to stop, since the enemies have already retreated.

The mission ended well, and what did Alicia got? The winged pig whom she named Hans.

So did she really hated him?


So what did I meant by Faldio’s feelings — conclusion. I think Faldio had more than admiration to Alicia, first of all in episode 4 he opened up to Welkin about Alicia then after seeing her see him without a shirt non-stop teasing happened after that even more teasing when he got her panties and exposed her secret in front of squad 1 and squad 7. He even had more hints to Alicia in episode 5 but Alicia  dismissed it. She probably didn’t have love experiences either and regards Faldio just as weird as Welkin.

So we got the density trio Alicia, Welkin, and Faldio. Faldio’s density is his gestures with the girls and even the boys, he had that natural brother aura that anyone can draw near it without him knowing their true feelings and just regards them as a colleague of some sort. Alicia, being a rough girl has no priorities on love life or whatsoever but blushes on male contact. Even if Faldio meant what he told her, she would probably diregard it as another joke. While Welkin….being the most dense person in the story. Well, you get the idea. 😀

Dammit, I find the that pink winged pig pretty cute. It’s really interesting whether or not that pig can fly despite of his weight. 😀

Final Verdict: A

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