Pandora Hearts Episode 2

And the secret behind Oz' coolness? Is it first love? :}

Oz’ coming of age continues, his uncle lead him to a room filled with bouquets that was given by guests. On top of that, a young beautiful girl that smiled at him.


Oz was love struck at the young lady. He even wanted him to come at his party but unfortunately only adults can join in. 15 years old is the minimum age for an adult, but — was still 14. She promised to him though, that next year she’d be his dance partner. Then the ceremony began, after his uncle has bestowed him to cleanse him Oz forwarded to the clock and vowed but the soundless clock ticked, everyone was shocked even Oz. The shady people in red robes crashed through the window with Gil snagged Oz and then stabbed his chest.

The mysterious girl from the Oz’ watch opened a portal and had shown her real form. She was known as B-Rabbit {black rabbit}. The shady people fought with her and the girl even revealed their true intentions of throwing Oz into the abyss, Gil regained his consciousness and pulled one of the guys robes begging not to let his friend stay at the Abyss. A lightning shed some light revealing the robbed mans true identity, Gil was shocked. When Oz picked up the sword to save Gil, he unthinkably slashed through his way, but when he opened his eyes Gil was there protecting the man. Shocked, Oz backed up and was motionless, the 3 people summoned a ritual and finally sealing Oz to the Abyss.

I got the feeling Oz has a loli-complex when it comes to love. I enjoyed him playing cool and all, it was totally shameless …he’s still a child after all 😀
Gilbert had the most cruelest fate upon him, I wonder if he’s gonna be ok, I really love the way he asked for the baddies about Oz’ sins (he was whimpering, honestly I find it cute). Ooohh….this evil side of me >:]
I don’t find the fight scenes that good, nor B-Rabbit scary, ahh..the adaptation sure has animation issues but I love the bgm of it. Reminds me of Kingdom hearts or even Mai Hime/Otome/Z-Wei, or does it really sound alike?

Final Verdict: B

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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