Pandora Hearts Episode 3

There's no way out..

Oz was able to arrive at the Abyss yet no matter where he runs, he will always stumble upon the same spot.


When he accidentally stomped on an old doll it attacked Oz back. After the defeat of the doll, another monster showed up and almost had him. But B-Rabbit showed up and defeated it. B-rabbit introduced herself as Alice, and told Oz that he’s the only one who had the privilege to call her. She later then explained about the contract in order for them to get out of the abyss. But suddenly a mysterious light teleported him elsewhere.

Sharon appeared in front of him and told him that she’ll save him. Oz was reassured and they walked hand in hand but when Sharon blurted out “Alice”, Oz suspects her to be a fake. The imposter’s identity was revealed and it tried to kill Oz but Alice saved him. She even teased him why he had doubts about the contract. The mad baby was one of those “chains” (monsters of the abyss) which used Oz memories to fake the image of Sharon. Since Alice’ powers were limited it had a hard time defeating the monster and was swallowed instead. Oz can’t bear running or watching it end so he attackedĀ  the monster and got swallowed too, inside he fulfilled the contract citing Alice’ name. A ray of light filled the scenario and Alice kissed Oz to complete theĀ  contract. Both of them became one and an enormous power filled Oz’ body. They defeated the mad baby and was able to escape the abyss.

A family portrait

Sharon and her servants were shocked to find them on the floor. And a new character appears, named “Raven” which greatly resembles Gil. His background is still unknown just like Sheryl and her other servant.


That Raven seriously acted like a concerned servant to Oz, even if he’s taller or something I do think he’s really Gil or someone related of some sort. The way he rushed to check up on him was really shocking, if he isn’t Gil he won’t be that concerned right?.

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