Eden Of the East- Episode 5 Spoilers

Look who's caught!

Warning spoilers ahead. To continue reading…click “Read more”.

That's why they say that you won't leave you're precious one alone sulking...

When you find about the truth..

It gotta hurts..!

So, the law of anime states that childhood friends or something nearer like that always loses to the new guy. Poor him, if he were a lot hastier than Takizawa he could have comforted Saki first. This episode had more numbers showing including a lady and another detective. Eden of East became much more serious and has a possibility of a mature tag due to some “almost nude” scenes. Saki has been gloomier on the recent episodes as well, — as a girl — it really does feel gloomy especially if you’ve been duped by your prince. In short, Saki is a bit of a spoiled gal, she even convey her gloomy side to her family because she didn’t get what she expected. This episode also had a cliffhanger alrighty, the lady with the numbered phone seems to be dangerous and has been targeting men, will Saki’s suitor be the next victim?

Final Verdict: B+


2 thoughts on “Eden Of the East- Episode 5 Spoilers

  1. it seems like this new woman is going to add a lot to the story, i just wonder why and how she selects her victims and also what happens to them after she has got them to her hotel, other than them dyeing…

    love it!

    • her selection would be men, though i really think shes targeting weak men. have smex with em’. then kill em. probably a psycho?

      her other job would be picking models? not sure though..it was just a conversation with her and the men while she was eating :p

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