Pandora Hearts Volume 1

Pandora Hearts Volume 1

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  • Episode Coverage: 1-4
  • Difference from Anime: 30%

Jun Mochizuki’s artwork is very good, the manga has it’s cute sides aside from it’s serious plot. Every panel is well done and only a few panels had Oz’ face somewhat different.

Pandora Hearts served up a different-goal plot which involves everyone. More secrets and betrayals and even more shocking news for Oz as he made a contract with B-Rabbit and went back to his world. Did he really made a sound idea, or did he chose the dangerous one?


Some characters are not what they look like. For example, Oz may has a childish child but he has a clever wit and can think maturely. Almost all of them has solid backgrounds and had that light emotion underneath their dark selves and that includes Alice and Raven. Sometimes she can get it smooth but most of the time she really hates being the softy.

Anime Vs. Manga

  • In terms of anime adaptation, it’s a shame…considering the animation quality is horrible. [Anime]
  • Nonetheless, they pluck out some good voice actors/actresses and that’s what kept me watching.[Anime]
  • The fight scenes were awful, even b-rabbit isn’t as scary as portrayed in the manga.[Anime]
  • The bgm (background music) is good though.[Anime]
  • The manga had the best quality in art, scenes, and etc. Since the manga is still on-going, who knows if it has the same routine as the anime.[Manga]
  • As of now, the running episodes are still closely following the manga and added a bit of more monsters to make it lengthy.[Anime/Manga]
  • If you got a lot of trouble understanding PH well, you might as well read the manga first.There are already 9 volumes published which will really spoil anime viewers but due to slowness of scanlation it’s still up to 2 volumes edited.[Manga]
  • It’s much more easy to understand, and the scene where b-rabbit attacked the coming-of-age ceremony in the manga – the mansion had ruined parts , in the anime only the age of the building was noticeable as if it just aged and got reconstructed.[Anime/Manga]
  • So the manga had the detailed scenes that the anime lacked but still the anime managed to have good character designs.[Anime]

Read the manga.
Scanlators get your asses moving!
And support the anime. 😀

Final Verdict: A+


4 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts Volume 1

    • Nah, you didn’t really pay close attention to the animation quality if you just base it just because you like it, then obviously your biasing your opinion. give me a proof that the animation is good, and i’ll give you ten reasons why it’s not. say what you want but please dont be rude. O_-;

    • the animation is not that great D: the quality is not good D; you can compare it if you have really downloaded the episode and compare it to the animes that runs this season. Ill make a post for that to clarify why. Its not about taste, if you wanna compare for the taste then the plot would be a great comparison for it, but thats not the case. Its the animation budget and the production im comparing it with.

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