07 Ghost Episode 1 – The Earnest Feelings Future

Last resort to save a friend!

The episode started with a flashback of Teito’s fragmented memories.Together with his best friend Mikage, they swore that they will always be together even in the battlefield. Their day of graduation had almost come, but will they be able to pass and prove their worth to the military?


The bonds..

The test was to defeat a strong prisoner inside a dome. Students need to work together in order to defeat the giant and pass the exam. The smart Shuu turned out to be a coward and was almost attacked but Teito protected him despite their hatred for each other. Mikage helped Teito but was thrown away by the giant, Teito pulled his tricked by choking the enemy with magic on his neck to let him surrender, but their teacher told him to kill it. Teito hesitated because he wasn’t an enemy from the start, he was just a confined prisoner. A man with snow colored hair appeared and killed the giant in one blow, he was known as Chief Ayanami. A heartless man who had a connection with Teito’s past.

Their sin..

Another dream revealed in Teito’s sleep and this time it was almost clear but his father appeared and a tinted red vision followed. The following day, he was about to turn his papers for passing the graduation exam but a nostalgic tune that was coming from a necklace that was held by Ayanami in a room, made Taito draw himself near and recalled a past that was forgotten when he turned into a slave. He remembered his father that was slain by Ayanami, and the lost gem of his fathers necklace. Teito attacked subconsciously and was arrested for it. It was suspected that Teito was connected with the incident in the past so he was interrogated.

The great escape

Later on Mikage had news about Teito so he secretly went to the prison to check up on him but was shocked to find that the gaurds were already beaten by Teito. He didn’t want his best friend to be involved but Mikage insisted on saving him. They were cornered by the guards but Teito pretended to make Mikage his hostage to further not getting him involved. He threw Mikage to the guards and jump on a Hawkzile that Mikage stole beforehand. He proceeded in escaping and was hit by Ayanami but he already casted a spell that avaoids fatal damage. In his final scene, will he able to land safely or is it his end?

And the story unfolds, Teito will not only find about himself but also the entire kingdom.


Glad the anime quality is really good, I was confused reading the manga alright but I like the anime better.

“Hmm, tons of bishies are in this anime and Mikage’s closeness to Teito seems like more than a friendly approach to me.. who will be the Seme and Uke? Let the slash fans tell it.”

Well aside that fangirling, the plot of the story had some flaws. Like Teito and Mikage could have just got another job or something, after all Mikage can be considered rich for buying Teito (who was a slave), also why didn’t Ayanami killed Teito or suspected him as a Son of the King when in fact Teito was in front of him when he happened to kill the king.

So much things to do, so little time. So without furtherr ado…I give you my final verdict!

Final Verdict: A-

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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