When you get bored of blogging — It’s party time~!

stucked Hello everyone especially to those stressed blogger out there! When you get bored of blogging there are so many alternatives to ease a writers stressed mind. I mean, ever got the feeling and the urge to blog almost everyday? Well, you know it’s not healthy at all but you wanted to find some good alternatives out there to lessen the vice. So here are some good alternatives to douse the steam from your head and enjoy your summer vacation.

1.) Stay away from the computer

A lot of people find this one very hard considering some can’t actually live without tick tacking on their precious keys, not to mention some even keeps on refreshing anime torrent engines and video host just to stay updated of their favorite shows. Well it’s time to ease up all that and focus on something else. Remember, you are the beholder of your computer, you take control, and the pc just follow – – don’t do the other way around. Here’s more

2.) Plan a schedule

There are always timed schedules for professional subbing groups, if you have been the type of person who noticed that then you’re on the right track. Keep in mind that your favorite shows (especially new ones) have air dates. For example 07-Ghost airs every Tuesday. Subbing groups mostly releases it three/four days after the aired episode. If the subbing group releases it after a month, then consider them on your low priority list and stop fussing about it, better yet search for another subbing group. Have patience and definitely don’t pressure yourself but do something else instead.

3.) Do some art!

Missed your daily dose of fan spreeing due to reviewing like crazy and the like. Then it’s time to go back to old habits, some of you might have livejournal blogs over there so go make some icons, spread your fanfics, and do some fanart. But since rule #1 is applied over here then writing fanfic on paper and drawing fanart on a sketchbook would be better, that way you can cool off your head on an airconditioned room while scribling on paper.

4.) Sleep like forever

Don’t worry about the audience, they won’t die out — after all the internet is much more livelier inside and out. And it’s probably more interesting to find a loyal reader saying he/she misses you writing nothing for a day. 😀

More ideas from bloggers!
1.) Listening to music – Jx
2.) Reading a book – Kirapika

Hurrah! I lack ideas, suggestions anyone? 😀

7 thoughts on “When you get bored of blogging — It’s party time~!

  1. I’m a stressed out blogger too. Just that I’m pretty busy in real life, maybe get some manga and read or something.
    But what I usually do is listen to music. Really, I could do it for hours, unless I repeat an album or something which I usually stop at the first try. And nope, no way for anime songs. They are pretty catchy yes, but it only takes 3 listens to get bored of the song.

    • I agree, sometimes listening to op’s and ed’s for more than 3 times can get boring. Being a stressed out blogger like us deserve vacations 😀 Oh and thanks for the ideas 🙂

  2. I agree with you, sometimes I find myself wanting to do other things that just blog. My other favorite things to do when I’m stressed out with blogging is probably reading stories and like what you said, stay away from the computer and eat XD.

    Planning a schedule is a good thing too, even though I don’t exactly do that, it’s really helpful especially when you have a lot of things to do. :3

  3. When you are on the Internet, planned schedules go out the window! 😀

    I tend to play a game on Steam or listen to music when there is nothing to blog. Or catching up on my never-ending list of anime 😛

    Also, I occasionally read a book if I’m really bored 🙂

  4. wow. you’ve really outdone yourself mae. loving the site. sorry i haven’t been really active…it’s just that my mom made me join a company and is making me help her out..ALWAYS. ugh.

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