Ookiku Furikabutte – Manga Review

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A trustworthy partner

Mihashi, a timid young man who turned into an ace player during his middle school due to his family connections made him uncertain of his favorite sports and himself. But that doesn’t mean he gave up easily, well he did but with the help of his new friends and his partner Abe will he be able to be the real ace that he had always wanted and gain a new kind of trust to his team mates? Enter, the scientific world of baseball.  Click “Read more” to find out!

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First time he got so many people to praise his hard work

The plot is not like any sport shounen impossibilities like prince of tennis. The way the author manage to write this manga was very detailed and more realistic and that means no special (insert special name here) technique. Knowledgeable baseball fans and non alike will really enjoy reading this series. But the story does not only focus on games, it also includes the real meaning of  being a team, a trusted friendship and more science in baseball. (I got hooked too, yeah and i mean really hooked :D). It has a right blend for a serious + comedy sport manga which is a must try.

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Kanou will be lonely ;D

Each character has a unique personality and that’s another reason why its more interesting to read. They all connect with each other and bam! You find yourself like reading a slice of life manga but then goes crazy after reading every chapter for a certain characters history which again connects to another character. And after that, you find it even amusing, especially Mihashi and Abe’s past — the reasons why they became who they are now.

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Hahaha..that was character development ;D poor Mihashi~

Higuchi Asa’s artwork is pretty carefree, the way she drew expressions on each character is like an easy scribble but can sometimes it tends to deform but her style is definitely her own unique trait to differentiate it from other mangakas, more like she’s aiming for originality. Detailed panels were mostly noticeable during baseball gameplays, you can even read the “omake’s” of each volume. It has author comments written on it so you can see what you might be missing out and learn something that you might have not yet about baseball and characters popping.

Animu vs Manga
Haven’t even watched the anime yet doe to licensing… aww T_T

Manga Information:

  • Author: Higuchi Asa
  • Volumes: 12 (ongoing)
  • Scanlation Status : Volume 10 + Volume 11 Chapter 19

Anime Information

  • Anime Status: Starts at Vol 1 Chap 01 — Ends at Vol 8 Chap 16
  • Anime Episodes: 26 (done and licensed by Funimation)

Final Verdict: A+ [Excellent]


6 thoughts on “Ookiku Furikabutte – Manga Review

  1. Great review ^^. Oofuri remains as one of my favorite anime/manga ever. It’s really a breath of fresh air, especially for a sports genre because it’s probably the only one I’ve read and watched and I ended up feeling incredible. I agree that it doesn’t have those overly-cliched shounen cliches ^^.

    Mihashi~<3!!! Abe~<3!!! I love them so much ^__^!!

    The anime version is definitely recommended ^^. Sucks though about the copyright thing, but some downloads are still scattered on Tokyo Toshokan (or DVDs ^__^)

  2. The anime’s an all-time favourite of mine – four rewatchings haven’t worn any sheen at all from it. It’s time to head for the scanlations!

    Licensing? I’m buying it. Yep, that good.

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